Dimitry Kulikov has taken one of the leading goal scorers off the ice. 4-6 weeks is a long time to be off the ice, the Dallas Stars got that information out real quick. Usually it takes about a week to declare the severity, it comes down to the swelling, well the need for the swelling to come down.

Dallas has come to the conclusion I have, injury is a determining factor in the length of suspension. Kulikov has already been given the option of a phone hearing, it gives the league options to extend the suspension past 6 games.

No wonder the stars got the news of the injury length out, Seguin is one of the leagues most exciting players to watch, it is a shame that he is injured, especially from a hit that didn't need to happen.

If you read the news story on NHL.com, Lindy Ruff came out with an initial diagnosis of 2-3 weeks, later the team stated it will be 4-6 weeks, no surprise on the correction, or extension of the injury. It is going to be a factor in Stephane Quintal's decision, I don't think it should be, the length of time on IR shouldn't factor in on the length of suspension.


Kulikov's hit was dangerous, and one that could cause a year ending injury, hell if the Stars diagnosis extends to the 6 weeks, that takes the injury through to the start of April, the Stars last game is April 11.

If you take injury into the equation Kulikov's suspension should be longer than whatever the Department of Player Safety is going to give. They took injury into consideration for the Carcillo suspension, what is the severity of a an injury to determine how many games gets added to a suspension? The length of an injury is such a variable, if a player has a set back in the recovery, that is not the fault of the act, it is a part of the recovery.

As I have said, I do not blame the Stars for getting the information out quick, the problem is the injury should not matter in the determination of the suspension, the act should.

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