I don't give up, but I'm close. The footage I saw in my previous article struggled to show me where the head contact is.

Even looking at the extra footage from the Department of Player Safety from todays ruling I still don't think there was contact from Cowan on Jokinen's head.

Unless we get a clear look from the other side of the ice where Cowan's back is not blocking the actual point of contact I do not see how the Department of Player Safety can say conclusively Cowan hits Jokinen in the head. 

Jokinen's head snaps back, no doubt, but until I see vision from the reverse angle to conclusively show Cowan hit Jokinen in the head I think he has been unjustly suspended.

There is no consistency at all in this decision either. I am happy, very happy in fact, a decision was assessed without the need for an injury to be sustained. However this has not been the case through this season. I have been wanting this to change, but you cannot change your decision process three quarters of the way through the season. It does not help players know what is and isn't expected of them.

Finally, Cowen is a repeat offender, this is his second suspension for the same issue, contact to the head. Obviously the first suspension hasn't stopped him from repeating, or correcting his hitting technique to avoid doing this.

For context, a hit that blew out a knee for 4-6 weeks gets 4 games, this hit gets 3 games without an injury. Seeing as the Department of Player Safety has shown that injury is a factor in their decision making, either Kulikov can feel very lucky or Cowen can feel extremely unlucky to even get a game let alone 3.

If we compare these two hits under the ruling the Department of Player Safety has given us Kulikov gets 9 games and Cowen gets 17 games. These are taken on the act without concern for injury in the play.


2015 02 15 Kulikov Seguin


2015 02 22 CowenJokinen

The Cowen suspension is under the premise he hits Jokinen in the head, I still do not think he does, but it is his repeat offender status that scrubs him for almost the rest of the year. Having larger suspensions is going to be the only way to remove hits that are considered dangerous and injurious, for a repeat offender 3 games is pathetic.

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