Bit late on these but I will cover off on these two suspensions none the less.

Joakim Nordstrom completes a classic hit from behind. Even without the injury to OEL he should be suspended. Once again Stephane Quintal makes the injury the focal point of the decision to suspend.

It is a poorly executed hit, it should be punished and it was, the length of the suspension is kind of out of kilter with other move 'predatory' hits earlier in the season, even comparing it against Kadri's recent repeat offender suspension (see below) it seems high.

2 games for a hit that was clumbsy and yes dangerous seems high by the current standards being set by the Department of Player Safety. Something tells me that the name plates on both players may have had something to do with this number.

As for our determination, I have come across this issue before with hits from behind, I do not have a 'push' factor in the system, I do have 'extended' but not hands, so I have used the shoulder as the factor. Not perfect but something that will have to be addressed for next season. 


I ummed and ahhhed about the contact force, I gave it brushing but it maybe should have been full contact force, if that is the case it adds on 2 games to the suspension. 

 What a week for Nazem Kadri, gets back in the line up after a team imposed discipline related suspension and gets himself scratched for 4 games for a hit to the head.

From my point of view Kadri does hit Faser with his elbow, but it is tucked against his body. The fact he straightens his legs at point of contact shows he wanted to make contact with Frasers head. Fortunately he only 'clipped' or brushed against Frasers head, any full contact and it could have been a helmet popper of a hit. 

Because he straightens his legs to get his elbow to the 'right height' he wanted to hurt Fraser, probably to show he does have a physical nature to his game. With what is going on at the Leafs at the moment, the players brains must be full of indecision on what is right and wrong on the ice.

The repeat offender is what tags Kadri here, and to be honest it might have been the best thing to happen to the maligned Leafs center, take the end of the year off. But the 17 game suspension would carry over to next year and that would not be a great start for Kadri. The 4 games he has been given as a repeat offender is pointless, no punishment for Kadri as there is no carry over to next season, a season where he would want to get off to a positive fresh start.

Thanks for reading.

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