Tyler Toffoli's hit on Alex Burrows is a great example of why the Department of Player Safety should not include injury in their determination of a suspension.

I think this is a suspendable hit.

 Put this into the matrix we have and it ends up being 9 games for Toffoli. 2015_03_22_Toffoli_on_Burrows.png

As I have said before I do not have a 'push' or 'cross check' factor in this matrix, I need to add it for next year. I used the shoulder and not the elbow as the elbow is a factor of 500 and the max I can offer.

The Department of Player Safety have put themselves in an interesting position of late. It has become pretty apparent that a player needs to leave the game and not return for a loss of games to occur.

I have been preaching all season that you need to punish the act, not the result. Players are always going to try and push the line, and of course because of this they are going to cross it. When they do they should be punished, on the act, not the result.

Brendan Shannahan set this precedent, and Stephane Quintal has followed on. So this isn't all on Quintal, however the decision to emphasise the injury on the play leaves this particular hit in 'limbo'.

Burrows being able to come back into the game means whilst the hit is dangerous and got a game misconduct, the call on the ice is probably enough of a punishment. If Toffoli comes away from this without a suspension it will be consistent with decisions made earlier in the year. If he does get suspended Toffoli should appeal it, as it wont be consistent with decisions made earlier.

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