For a league that is apparently preaching 'player safety' the evaporation of any decision on Tyler Toffoli's game misconduct and game ejection for his hit on Alex Burrows is a little baffling. One of my biggest complaints this season with the Department of Player Safety has been the 'requirement' of a player being injured before a suspension is handed down. 

Well the Alex Petrovic cross check to Patrick Kane is an example of the result not factoring into a suspension.

So Toffoli could still be suspended without injury being a factor as my theory of injury factoring into every suspension being handed down is thrown out the window.

On top of this, the two cross checks are pretty similar, thus running with precedent it would be hard to justify to the LA Kings Toffoli should be suspended. 

Player safety is not just about the head, Kadri got 4 games for a 'brush' against Fraser's head. It was a suspension for sure but it, and yes Kadri is a repeat offender, but the hits by both Toffoli and Petrovic are dangerous and hits that do not need to be in the game.

I have said time and time again I do not think the suspensions are long enough or more importantly expensive enough to enforce a change in attitude or technique. If the NHLPA are going to nix 3 on 3 hockey on the 'player safety' factor in fatigue on the stars they need to also look at the CBA and the restrictions they put on the Department of Player Safety in relation to length of suspensions and size of fines.

Thanks for reading.