Remember Ryan Garbutt and his actions earlier in the year? Well he is at it again.

Lets look at the act not the result. Elbow extended at the head of Irwin, one thing in Garbutt's favor is the puck is on Irwin's stick. So you can make the case he is attempting to seperate the player from the puck, well you could, if Garbutt didn't have a history. This is the 3rd case I have looked at involving Garbutt, I think it puts his history at 5 incidents. 

2015_04_07_Garbutt_on_Irwin.png 49 games for an elbow that basically missed, do you think Garbutt would get his elbow up in that situation? All he really needed to do was take the body, elbow down and drive his shoulder through Irwin's chest and Garbutt completes a great clean body check.

Andrew Shaw, well what the hell was he thinking? Was he thinking at all? The league is lucky that Shaw missed, or just lucky that Jackman had the feel to get out of the way instead of continuing to play the puck.


Shaw was suspended back in 2012 in the playoffs, stick tap to puck daddy for having Shaw's history handy.

Shaw may not have go the head, but you know where he was aiming. A 2 minute minor for this is not going to stop incidents like this happening, I've said it before and I will say it again, both the league and the NHLPA need to be pro active in fixing this part of the game.

If they wait until another Marc Savard incident to correct behavior then that is negligent and the players should be looking for damages from both the NHL and NHLPA for not making a workplace as safe as possible.

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