Well this is as close to an apple vs apple comparison we are going to get for the Department of Player Safety.

Only difference between this and the Byfuglien suspension is the location of the puck and the force issued by Backes on Stuart's neck.


It will be interesting to see how this is handled, playoffs are unfortunately handled differently in relation to their 'value', I can see Backes missing the rest of the regular season and being available for game 1, that is if he is even suspended.

What is even more of a concern is the fact the referee is standing right there and watching this play and has no intention of calling a cross check on the play, or even a high stick or roughing.


It doesn't help if the officials don't immediately punish the players whilst on the ice. This is also why I want the officials to have to face up to criticism of their decisions, I want to know why #40 (Steve Kozari) didn't think that was a penalty. At least that way as a fan I can get an understanding of what is going on in the thought process of the officials.

Thanks for reading.

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