Here is my table of the Kronwall hit, he has been a borderline player his whole career. I do not say that in a negative way, he has done a great job of not crossing it according to the league.

He did this time.



Ok,  I think it is established now in this years NHL playoffs the officials have been told to let the players decide the result. Let me call a spade a spade, it's bullshit.

Just have a look at the hits that have gone on in the games today.

Neither managed to get a call on the ice.


Neither are legal plays in the regular season, plus both of them have the potential for serious injury. The fact that panelists on NBC and CBC are having to debate IF Kronwall will be suspended, not how many games, shows those with the game in their hands have not transitioned to the reality of the seriousness of head injuries.

Kronwall didn't even consider playing the puck, I have no problem with playing the body, but once you make it your primary aim, you cannot afford to get it wrong, if you do, you should be punished for it.

I really think the NHLPA, head of officiating, and the head of player safety need to get together in the off season and work out what kind of game they want on the ice and what protections they want for their players.