I can thank Brooks Orpik for one thing, making this game 7 eventful. Before his hit on Dan Boyle this game is a bit of a stinker. With both teams petrified of making an error and both coaching staffs insistence of sticking to the system, all offence has been sucked out.

Orpik does everything right with this hit.

Except he collects Boyle in the head, that is kind of important and amazing that 4 sets of eyes missed it, or decided it wasn't worth 2 minutes. 

The 'let the players decide it' attitude is pathetic, how are the star players supposed to shine when they are consistently being obstructed, no wonder this series has been low on scoring chances.

Back to the Orpik hit, I love a big hit, but you have to do it clean. Yes Boyle wasn't at his maximum height, so in this case Orpik can't go for the bone rattling hit, just make body contact, don't try to hit Boyle into next year.


Orpik will walk away without any fine or suspension, that much we know. But with the Mike Commodore family suing, the NHL is going to have to take a serious look at how they view head concact where it is avoidable.

It was here....