Geno is lucky the Department of Player Safety is a joke. By any definition his hit was late, predatory and principle point of contact was the head. It pretty much covers off all of the factors needed to at least get a phone hearing. But alas, for the safety of the players this did not happen. 

Malkin is known for losing his cool and wanting to stick up for his teammates, and the Winnipeg game got nasty with a few clean hits raising the temperature of the game. 

This should have been 2 minutes for boarding. Ignore a suspension (it doesn't warrant it) but that is checking right in the numbers and he had time not to. Anyone who blames Schultz for turning and saying that Buff didn't have time to change, take a look at Byfuglien's skates, he cuts back to make the hit. I repeat this is a 2 minute minor penalty, take your pick, checking from behind or boarding. 

I bring this up as the officials let garbage go all game and it builds to the Malkin hit on Wheeler which was dirty, predatory and unnecessary. 

Why is this allowed to happen? Is it because Wheeler has no concussion post hit? I mean come on, if this was done to Malkin can you imagine the outrage in the Pittsburgh media right now about the league not protecting it's stars? 


Watching Malkin through his career he has had a lot of 'incidents' that are borderline, like many players in the league. This one crosses the line, he should be out for a few games, none of the 1 or 2 game stuff that is being dished out, punish him, he went for the head, got the head, he should sit. 

The Nyqvist issue is a joke, the 6 game limit before arbitration is an artificial 'cap' the Department have used for their current suspensions. It is the only reason I can come up with Nyqvist only getting 6 games. That said I would want more than the 9 our system gives him. 

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