The result of this hit by Taylor Hall is not pretty, neither is the way the Canucks responded to the hit. 


The question is, was this a hit to the head first, or was the head the secondary contact point of the hit? From the video above it is a tough call. Personally I think Hall is trying to let up on the hit and actually avoid the result that ulitmately occurred. But does that take away from the fact his shoulder made contact with Larsen's head first? I say no; Larsen is looking to play the puck, Hall gave up on attempting to play the puck and decided to play the body.

He made a poor decision.

He made an technique error on his hit.

The result is a concussed player.

Larsen was out before he hit the ice.

I think this also needs to be taken into context of what happened to Zajac earlier in the game, which is more of a traditional 'hockey play'?

Just saying, one looks like a player attempting a shoulder to shoulder, or shoulder to chest hit (legal, but missed), the other looks like push in the numbers forcing a player into a vulnerable position. 

Here is the killer, with Hall having been suspended back in 2013 he is a repeat offender in the Hockey Hurts system, it tags him with 11 games, that is an aweful lot for a hit it looked like Hall was attempting to pull out of. 


Below is where Hockey Hurts would put the hit on Zajac, if it got to our Department of Player Safety. 


Don't forget some in the media were complaining about McDavid being sat for 6 minutes of game time in a regular season game to make sure he didn't have a concussion, perspective people, these athletes are people. 

Thanks for reading.

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