I thought this Matt Cooke style of hit was taken out of the game? 

 Compare the angles and the intent of the hit to this.

So the contention that the result of the hit is not as severe is the only reason I can see the department of player safety not handing Kadri a suspension. Kadri has a history, an elbow to the head of Niklas Backstrom resulting in a 3 game suspension in 2013 and a 4 game suspension for a hit to the head of Matt Fraser. So this should be Kadri's 3rd offense, his 3rd offense. Let that sink in. Raffi Torres has been suspended 4 times in his career and got suspended out of the game. 

If the NHL wont protect is players against the competitive nature of this physical sport by putting up harsh penalties that should act like a deterrent, they should go back to allowing fighting without the instigator rule, this is now a joke. 

Do we know if Kadri was attempting to hit Sedin's shoulder? No, but I would venture a guess that was his primary target, however he did make pretty significant and forceful contact with Sedin's head. Due to this I considered the contact to the head to be brushing and not full. I thought the hit was predatory because Kadri had not thought I blocking the shot or attempting to get stick on puck. Probably because he knew he wasn't going to get there in time and making Sedin pay for the shot on goal was his next best option. But if you are going to do that, you have to get the hit right. Kadri did not, I think that is pretty clear. I don't blame the officials for not calling a penalty on the play, the damn thing at full speed looks clean, and what do you do there? Put your hand up and have the penalty cancelled out by the goal? 


We know the result now, and hockey fans in general should feel aggrieved this was let to pass with no punishment, Maple Leafs fans should be relieved. It still doesn't excuse the rational behind letting this go, the Department of Player Safety doesn't even have their decision on this hit on their site to explain why they let this go. 

Then we have Tom Gilbert's hit on Nick Ritchie, in the same manner that no injury on the play saved Kadri, injury to Nick Ritchie hurt Tom Gilbert. No injury on this play and I don't think the Department of Player Safety even looks at this. It should just be a boarding major and move on. How the history of a fine plays into this but Kadri's history of games does not into his, yet again shows the inconsistency that has crept into the Department of Player Safety since the leadership of the regime changed. 


 Gilbert gets burnt by the declaration of his fine counting as a historical marker, plus it was predatory, we know he was out for retaliation on Richie from Ritchie's earlier hit. If the history counts for a fine I do not see how the head contact from Kadri, which is significant, even if not the initial point of contact, gets a pass.

If you compare the explanation for the Gilbert suspension to the non suspension of Gudas's hit on Vessey, if Gilbert has time to see Vessey's number Gudas has time to change his angle and actually hit Vessey, if Gudas stays his path he hits the boards not Vessey. 

Just saying, whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Thanks for reading. 

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