Nice to see the Department of Player Safety suspend a player on a hit where the victim was not injuried. Credit where credit is due. 3 games is just not enough though, we all know that, but we are heading further and further away from the Department of Player Safety having a big enough stick to enact change on the ice. 

The fact it is a direct hit to the head from a player with a history and only gets 3 games is a little bit of a joke. Look at the Barrie hit on Despres, in a league that is known for being 'an eye for an eye' on the ice, a decision like this could come back to haunt the NHL in the fight against the concussion law suit. Holzer may take some time but post concussion could come up here and once again this is why injury should not be a factor in suspensions. 


The point of the 18 games is that Weise would know it is possible and would maybe not extend up through the hit, but stay low and go through Holzer's chest.

One can keep on dreaming.

Thanks for reading.