So the news about Simon Despres missing games is a little sad, sounds like it is post concussion issues from reports.

It is a shame because he got this concussion from a hit that was a 3 game suspsension. Late and high hit causing an injury, that last point has shown to be very important in the rationale of the Department of Player Safety handing out suspensions. 

What has happened to Simon Despres after this hit is why the Department of Player Safety cannot take injury into account for assessing the length of a suspension, or if a hit is suspension worthy. We are almost 12 months to the day of that Tyson Barrie hit and Despres is still being affected by it. I am not one to encourage 'eye for an eye' suspensions but you can see the issue here, Despres played in 32 NHL games last year, and it looks as though he is going to miss substantial time here again, if injury is suck a factor in a suspension do you really think that 3 games is enough? 


This is the chart I used last year for the hit, 8 games is all Barrie gets, it seems a little weak considering what Despres has gone through. However I didn't take into account the fact there was an injury on the play, thus I stand by the 8 games. 

I will keep saying it, the addition of Chris Pronger to the decision making process has not helped the department of player safety make the game safer. 

Thanks for reading. 

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