Since the 1st of October this is my 4th suspension article. Good to see the Department of Player Safety having an effect on what happens on the ice. I don't think there is a better example of not being suspended not changing behaviour. 

Radko Gudas is a pretty good defender, compare him against a free agent most TV analysts still cant work out why he is out of a job and Gudas can play. 


So why he does what he does on the ice baffles me, it is like he has a brain fade and either doesn't care or just forgets there are rules out on the ice, and here is where the problem lies for the Department of Player Safety.


 He has been suspended, back in December 2015 for an elbow to the head of Zibanejad, another hit that did not have to happen. 


Here is what he is currently attempting to 'get away with'. 


Now taking into account the 2015 suspension, this hit is Radko's 2nd suspension. Below is the result of that. 


However if you look at the fact he has been ejected 3 times, lets put the full multiplier on Radko and say he is a 4+ times offender.


It's pretty ugly isn't it. This is why I want the Department of Player Safety to actually start handing out bigger games totals for suspensions, these numbers are scary, hopefully scary enough to force change. 

Thanks for reading.