So we haven't got out of the pre-season and the department of player safety have been called into action twice now. Good to see the NHL is using all of its might and power to create a deterrent for these kinds of plays.

What was surprising is Hjalmarsson has a history and this is his second offence, yet he only misses 1 regular season game. So right now this hit has had more tangible punishment than the Andrew Shaw hit, and I philosophically I think the Shaw hit was worse

The calculator gives Hjalmarsson 19 games, only 1 less than Shaw's hit, so it takes out my bias on the two players and my opinion on what hit was worse. Just because a player is not injured on the play does not mean the punishment should be diminished. The NHL is moving away from an 'on ice deterrent' (not that I thought fighting actually did that) so the NHL has to take responsibiliy in player safety seriously. These 'oh we are doing something about dirty hits' suspensions are not going to change behaviour. 


I know $22,777.78 is nothing to sneeze at, however losing something close to $1,000,000 might have Hjalmarsson taking a slightly different approach to the hit and maybe thinking about puck retrieveal and not destroying a players brain. 

Thanks for reading.