Well the Department of Player Safety is in fantastic stretch run form. How Andrew Shaw gets away with a 3 game pre-season suspension is beyond me. This hit is brutal, only intent is to injure, and really could have been avoided is the officials on the ice called the slew foot prior to Shaw going for the hit.


 I think this tweet sums everything up, the image shows what set off Shaw, and then the result. A 3 game suspension for a hit that ticks off ALL of the Departments 'no's', the only factor that saves Shaw is the injury factor. Shaw will do this again, especially for a team that will be riding 'grit', 'hard work', and 'physicality' all year.

20 games, and make them 20 regular season games. 



The extra concussion spotters are going to be busy if the Department of Player Safety continue to look at hits like this and punish them with a wet towel.

At least some of the people with a big reach are seeing the issue, lets hope more come out and start to push back and make the game safer.

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