Well Milan Lucic helped his tough man image by punching a guy who wasn't ready for it. 

His justification for doing is was almost as bad as the act itself. 

“I mean, if I don't react, I don't think he even calls a penalty,” Lucic said after the Kings' 3-2 loss (via John Rosen of LA Kings Insider). “Same guy – Brad Meier. I think this is the fourth time he's kicked me out of a game. It's always the same thing with him. It's if guys can take liberties on me and it's not a penalty. If I do something, then I'm automatically kicked out of the game. It's just unfortunate that it is that way with him, and I've just got to move on and not get frustrated by the referees in the game.”

I don't blame him for the frustration on the slash, the thought that sticking up for yourself the way he did was ok, you do not hit someone who doesn't know it's coming, you just don't. Plus the NHL should just call it what is it, not roughing, but a sucker punch, shame him for being a tough guy who hits players unsuspecting. 

As for fitting this into the matrix, well I do not have a category for unsuspecting player, but with Lucic having a history of 2 suspensions and 4 fines I don't think it would matter if I did, because the mulitplier effect kills Lucic and the Kings on this one. 

Lucic will be ok with the 1 game suspension, not a 29 game one.

2016 01 25 Lucic

I know, I know, it's harsh for punch that really didn't connect, but it is the thought behind the hit, the intent, not the result of the hit. You cannot honestly tell me that a sucker punch is fine in any aspect of sport or life. 

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