Right, so we have Sidney Crosby getting whacked in the neck and we see a 1 game suspension, that wasn't enough. Wingels cops it in the neck too and well, Myers gets off. Make up your own mind, but for me the fact Myers goes after Wingels after the puck is gone, and he really thinks about the cross check before he does it is suspendable. 

You can make the arguement it was predetermined at that moment; he wanted to get Wingels in the head or neck. It wasn't like this was in active play, the puck was gone and Myers thought, why the hell not? 

2016 01 14 Myers

If the DoPS was actually worried about player safety this would not happen. The idea of player safety is to make the game safer, not wait until something terrible happens and then be reactionary. Get on the front foot, punish harshly, get the players to stop and we wont have a disaster on the ice like we saw with Matt Cooke. 

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