What I find so frustrating about the Hendricks hit is the two officials on the ice though it was clean. So just think about that process for a second, it didn't even register in their view that it was boarding. In fact I would wager they were fine with it as retribution for the big Gudbranson hit earlier in the game, you know, eye for an eye. Like when officials take 2 guys to try and 'calm' a situation down.

The Department of Player Safety got the reasons for the suspension right, it is just the length of the suspension that they buckled on. But they have a framework they have established and now cannot go outside of it. 

I cannot see why the official low on the ice thought it was a clean hit, the more and more I think about it, that official needs to be sat and miss games himself.

2016 01 12 Hendricks

Nothing has changed this year from last, the dissapointing thing about that is we as fans are going to lose more high quality off the ice due to hits like this that go ignored in game, and lightly punished post game. 

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