Nice work team, that is the right call. Malone cannot be held accountable for Foligno not bracing for a hit, just after the puck has left his stick. On first blush the hit looked terrible, watching the Carolina coverage gave the impression they thought Malone would miss games, I certainly did. But looking at it from a different angle you can see 95% of the force goes through Foligno's shoulder.

If I was Tortorella I would have been going nuts on the bench, with Johansen gone, Foligno becomes more important to the dressing room and holding them together. The front office may have changed course, but the players and the coaches are trying their ass off to win. Something like this does not help Tortorella ice the best possible team to do that.

The reasoning behind this decision by the department of player safety is sound and well thought out. You have to give credit where credit is due, well done team. You can argue it should have been interference as the puck was long gone and to be honest the hit isn't necessary, but it is not a suspension. 

Thanks for reading.