Well if this isn't a fine example of why the Department of Player Safety is no deterrent I do not know what is. How many days ago did Zac Sill get suspended for an illegal hit? It is less than a week, and Johansson goes out and does this? Why shouldn't he? I mean what is he going to miss? A couple of games and chump change for a guy earning just under four million a year. 

I really didn't think something like this was within Johansson's game, well he proved me wrong. Still it does mean he could do it again, and if he does he wont miss much. 

2016 01 09 Johasson

I put the shoulder as 'extended' because as Johansson pushes up through his legs he also raises his shoulder for the contact. It could be assumed it is bracing for the hit, however the shoulder comes up and helps with contact to the head. 

A better hitting technique and he would be fine as he would hit the chest of Hickey and we would be marvelling at the hit rather than punishing it. 

I've said it before but the NHLPA is going to have to act and enforce harder punishments, the league has show it wont or can't due to the CBA. 

Thanks for reading.