What is going on with the department of player safety?

Are they still on a New Year break?

I do not understand what they are trying to acheive when they 'throw down their' suspensions, it can't be to change behaviour, because nothing on the ice has changed. 

Players will still take their chances with getting away with a fine or only a couple of games. 

First time offender or not, hits like this have to be taken out of the game. 


2016 01 07 Chart

The loss of games is only 4 more than what the Department of Player Safety gave, however the $43,066 loss of salary is a little more than what Mr Sill had to give up. If you have a look through that video, I believe the deterrent was on the ice at the same time, just saying the players cant change their stripes, the league needs to do it for them.

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