Ok, so a 4th time offender gets less games than the amount of times he has been assessed by the Department of Player Safety. Brad Marchand before this suspension has been tagged 3 times for games and twice for fines. I kind of get the $5000 fine that Prust put up to jingle Marchand's bells. Repeat offenders are those that have been suspended within 18 months between infractions, and this was agreed upon by the players themselves in the CBA.

I am all for the 41 games Raffi Torres got, he deserves every one of those games missed and also the moola he is short of, so 3 games for a 4th time offender is a joke. A laughable joke at that. 

Once again the ability of the player to avoid injury was factored into the decision of the Department of Player Safety, I still have no idea why it does, but it does. 


I do have a disagreement with some of the explanation through this video, Mark Borowiecki sets a pick, and skates down towards the puck, he should expect contact, he was 25 feet away from the puck when he initiated contact with Marchard to interfere with him anyway. IF interference on the forecheck of Marchand is called then this whole incident does not occur, but that is a conversation for another blog. 

Marchand is like death by 1000 paper cuts, he is not the only one in the league who is like this, he just happens to be in the spotlight right now. Marchand missing the Winter Classic does not equate to the 32 game gap between the DOPS suspension and what our system brings up.

2015 12 31 Marchand

I know the games total will flip some people out but repeat offenders need to be punished, the Department of player safety does not, it is as simple as that. Jarret Stoll got off from his hit on Kris Letang, 'got away with' to the point there is not even an explanation on the Player Safety page at NHL.com. So you know, just guess as to why he doesn't at least get a fine. 

Yes I know this is going to sound like a Penguins fan going to town but how Leo Komarov does not get a 5 minute boarding major on this push just astounds me. Thankfully Letang actually turns to save himself through the hit, but the extension of the arms is what should give Komarov the 5 minute major, but you know; whatever. 


I'm not asking for a suspension on the play, I just want a violent board to be called as such, if Komarov goes in with shoulder and hip that play is no where near as dangerous. 

I hope you all have a great new year, even though most of you will be celebrating it after me, times zones are wonderful things aren't they!

Thanks for all the support and have a fantastic 2016.