Sorry for the pun, but it was there and hits like that will take its toll on anyone, Kris Letang is close to the worst person to take a hit like that to the head. Here is hoping that the biggest problem Letang has is his jaw will be sore for a few days. 

Good job by the on ice crew to actually catch that hit and call a 2 minute penalty on the play, it would have been a very easy hit to miss and have no in game consequence, it is not the officials fault the Penguins PP did not punish Stoll for the hit. 

Shame the NHL isn't exactly putting out there what happened, for a league that is happy to name and shame divers on the ice, those players who are injuring other on the ice barely get a mention.


2015 12 27 Quote

Stoll miscalculates where Letang is going to be on the hit and doesn't want to go through and miss to be out of position, I think it is why he ends up collecting Letang in the head, it is also why it's dangerous and not careless, he changed body position to make contact. 

Stoll has been suspended before, back in 2011, I went looking for it and was considering not including it in his history because of the 4 year gap between now and then, but after looking at his previous hit against the glass, I figured it needed to be counted.

2015 12 27 Stoll

Stoll's first point of contact on Letang is his extended elbow but the main point of contact on the hit is shoulder to jaw, and it's not 'extended', I have no idea what to expect out of the Department of Player Safety on this one. Letang returned to the game, that shouldnt matter, but we know it does, it will be an interesting decision to watch. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas.

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