Very quietly the Department of Player Safety suspended a couple of players in the last 10 days. 

I love the Max Talbot suspension, it was a bullshit play from a player who really doesn't have a history of doing something that boneheaded, or should I say predatory.

I still cannot understand why injury becomes a factor in decisions like this one, a player who had no idea he was going to get hit could have had some serious damage done. Even without a hit location variable in this situation Talbot still gets 7 games on a first time offence, its basically 10% of his yearly salary, thats a lot of change for a player making under $1 million. 

2015 12 22 Talbot

As for Nate Thompson, you cant bend your knees and come up through a hit and make contact with the head, it's as simple as that. Bad hitting technique and something a 3 game suspension is not going to change. 


2015 12 22 Thompson

I will say this for the rulings this year, they have been more consistent, I still don't think they are tough enough to enforce on ice change, but it might have to be the NHLPA who make that happen, after all it is their money making players who are getting collected.