Well Gudas goes for three and I will say this about the Department of Player Safety's decision on this hit; it's pretty extreme considering the other rulings so far this season. 3 games for a first time offender for this kind of hit is pretty severe, you just know that I do not think 3 games is enough. 

I could have marked this as dangerous, but I thought it was more careless, if you look at Gudas, he screws up the hit and lunges, if you want to argue he went straight for Zibanejad's head, I can see why you come to that conclusion. It adds one game to the suspension, if I mark it as as dangerous rather than careless. 

2015 12 03 Gudas

I find it so frustrating when you hear TV and radio media say that 1 game is enough to teach a player a lesson to not repeat and that losing 30 grand for a 1 game suspension is enough to make a player change his on ice actions. We can all see it is not, but unless the NHLPA actually get the people who are getting hit in the head to stand up and say something not a lot will change. 

I stand by my theory that the reason not a lot has changed is the players who represent each team in the NHLPA meetings are often the types of players dish out these hits, not the players receiving them, I am more than happy to be corrected on that however. 

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