Well well well, looks like the hockey stick has changed, it is not only used to play with a puck but to also remove heads from necks. I couldn't find the timing of the spate egregious cross checks more fitting. 

Suspensions are supposed to be a deterrent, not just to the player who gets the original suspension, but to the players around the league looking at the punishment and not wanting that inflicted upon themselves. 

The system does not do this, therefore the system does not work. There has been no change in behaviour by suspending Raffi (Matt Cooke 2.0) Torres for half a year, it was a cheap easy option to give the view they are trying to change behaviour. The Dubinsky suspension is a prime example of a weak suspension having no effect on what happens on the ice.

The timing of the Oduya and Arvidsson incidents couldn't be a better reminder to the league, the players and to the fans that sticks are weapons out there on the ice and can and do get used as such.

Remember two of these hits occurred inside of 24 hours of a 1 game suspension being handed out. 24 hours! One player is in hospital with issues with his trachea, because a player thought he had to win net front position using his stick. 

So we have the Dubinsky hit

2015 11 29 Dubinsky 

Then we have the Oduya hit

2015 11 29 Oduya 

and the Viktor Arvidsson (who, you know what I mean right?)

2015 11 29 Arvidsson 

so try and tell me how the suspension of 1 game will change behaviour of the players. The 4 games given to Big Buff late last year certainly didn't have any deterrant effect on the players. So a 1 game suspension less than 24 hours ago and we have this..... 

You reap what you sow....

Beleskey gets off due to .1 of a second difference between being late and 'in the window', can anyone explain to me the 'hockey play' aspect of what Beleskey was trying to do? Remember body checking's purpose is to remove the puck from the player, that puck was gone, long gone, was always going to be long gone. Blaming Stepan for not bracing for the hit is blaming the victum, he had every right to feel like he was out of the hitting zone, that puck was gone. 

2015 11 29 Beleskey

Have a look at the analysts who are saying these game incidents are ok and should stay in the game. They are relics of a time that has gone by, back in the day of the wooden stick. These are the voices who are influencing the viewer, it is their point of view on the game, to sit there and say they do not influence how we view the game is to ignore local broadcast rights and biased coverages. 

If the Department of Player Safety doesn't do something soon, someone is going to get an injury so serious people will be looking back and wondering how we got to this point.

You reap what you sow......

Thanks for reading.