Sorry for the word play in the title, but coming up with some of those are just hard at times. You can't just type, Department of Player Safety let's a guy off again, every article. 


Jason Demers must be wondering why he did not get a fine for his elbow on Bonino earlier in the year, I mean Burmistrov only got a fine, there is not a lot of difference between the two hits. 

2015 11 07 Burmistrov

We can all see what both players were attempting to do, what I cannot understand is why the league suspended Demers in the first place. I would have just gone with the penalty on the ice. Maybe made the on ice penalty a 5 minute major, but with no blood the officials hands were kind of tied on that option. A double minor maybe? But I just do not see how both of these hits are suspendible, and they got one right and one wrong. If you are going to fine a guy for the same hit, well, at least the league is consistent in its inconsistency. Thus I give Burmistrov 6 games, if it's ok the fine the player, he should probably sit considering the precedence set with the Demers hit earlier in the year. 

Does Byfugulien have photos to extort people in the Department of Player Safety? Because I cannot think of another reason why he has not been suspended for the following hit on Gallagher.

I say this due to the follow tweet. 

If Byfuglien has been warned 3 times prior to this hit along with his suspension history, I do not see how letting him off again here changes his on ice actions. I am all for being physical out on the ice and making sure a team pays a physical price. However there still needs to be a requirement for taking the puck away, and Byfuglien had already done that. The hit on Gallagher should only happen if he can hit him straight in the chest or in the shoulder, in this situation because Gallagher was attempting to get the puck, Byfuglien couldn't do either, so shouldn't bother with the hit, just the puck possession. 

2015 11 07 Byfuglien

Lucky for both Byfuglien and more importantly Gallagher, the contact was brushing, if Big Tough Dustin Byfuglien had gone through Gallagher it could have been nasty. I think the first point of contact is the head, and because Gallagher is reaching for the puck it puts him in a position that is dangerous and if I remember correctly it is incumbent on the hitter to pull up a little at that point. But hey there was no injury on the play so, whatevs.

Now we have the actual suspended hit, the hit by Mark Stone. 

2015 11 07 Stone

Stone may not leave the ice when he hits but certainly makes an upward motion in the hit, it is contact to the head and a terribly careless hit at that. He had all of Ferraro to hit, could have stayed low, gone right through his chest and totally destroyed him legally. Instead he does a fly by with his shoulder up to clip him in the head. I don't believe him when he says he was committed to the hit, it was an after thought once that magically little black disk was long gone. 

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