Im not really sure what the hell is going on with the Department of Player Safety or with the officials on the ice. As fans all we look for is consistency, however being consistently inconsistent is pathetic and the NHL has constantly had a reputation of being poorly officiated.

The NFL may cop criticism for slanting the rules too far in favor of the offensive side of the ball, the NBA may give the superstars free reign in certain aspects of the rules, but they both understand the importance of allowing the stars to shine.

The NHL seems to be doing the exact opposite, intereference away from the puck is terrible and when beaten d men are being allowed to hold their oppoenent to slow them down, as long as they do a good job of hiding it. It is baffling, but a topic for another day, where I have my biggest greivance is the inability of the on ice officials to consistently protect the safety of the players on the ice. 


 Please explain to me how this is not a penalty, especially when this was considered a penalty later in the game:


It is the safety factor in these two calls that baffles me, I am not asking the Department of Player Safety to suspend either player on the ice here, what I am asking for is both to be called a penalty, how the Letang hit was considered a legal play is beyond me, and one of the problems the league has in preventing these hits from occurring. 

I know the players have to take some responsibility in these situations and either not complete the hit, or find a different angle, but when the officials are not calling the same play a penalty, why not as a player take the risk you are not going to get called.

As for actual suspensions, I just dont know what to think anymore, every time it looks like they are making progress, well lets just say they are not making progress.




I know the predatory hit intent seems harsh but I have decided that any player with their skates off the ice through the hit whilst making contact to the head had one thing on their mind, destruction. With Barrie having a clean sheet he still gets 8 games, and looses over 250K of his salary, I have a feeling that will change his actions more than the 3 games and the loss of salary with this one.



Well the league let a repeat offender off the hook, I have no idea why, this was a perfect chance for the league to follow up on the Torres hit and show that repeat actions and no sign of contrition should get punished. I think this decision most of all shows there has been no progress made within the Department of Player Safety. 



I'm glad he got tagged by the Department of player safety and you can see that the table gave Demers more games than the Department of Player Safety did, but I just cannot see how he gets suspended for this hit considering the Rinaldo one gets off and this is Demers first time being assessed. No consistency, but we are used to that now....

If you want to see how you stamp out head high hits, just look to the junior levels and how they tag this hit with 10 games, compare that hit to ones the NHL have let slide and you can see why nothing has changed in the best league in the world.


Thanks for reading.