10 days in and the department of player safety has their 1st suspension of the year. Yes Mr Torres got suspended but it was prior to game one, so Nesterov is the first suspension for the season. 

Nesterov deserved it too, so I am glad he got tagged, but as always 2 games is not going to change behavior. On top of that there have been a slew of hits that should have got suspended before this one and a couple that were almost identical that didn't even get a hearing.



This got 2 games, I have no idea how the league thinks 2 games is going to stop Nesterov from doing this again.

We can go all the way back to opening night and look at the Leo Komarov hit, how this didn't get a boarding major is beyond me, but to not even have the player be asked questions over the phone, well it kind of says it all. 



At what point in the NHL is this a 'hockey play' there was nothing to be gained here apart from injury. I'm all for hitting and wearing a team down, but at least do it legally, and when the puck is around. The league is lucky that Suban was not seriously hurt on this play, he is a star and he needs to be on the ice.

You may notice a theme here with these hits so far, they are all on the numbers and hits that can/should/could be avoided. Here is another, and one that, well considering who the player is that made the hit will soon realise that going into the boards in the NHL is a lot different to junior hockey. If he wont slow down when he views numbers, he can't expect his opponents to do the same for him, look out.


Then there are direct hits to the head, the next couple are kind of amazing really. Amazing in the fact that the Department of Player Safety deemed that these acts are legal on the ice and players can continue to do this without a fine or without loss of games. Remember this league sets its rules by precedence, so if anyone else gets a call later in the year for acts similar to these they should appeal and appeal loud and hard. 


I can understand if both officials miss this one on the ice. Bodies could be in the way, it happens so fast, so they did a good job of getting a call in there. However if the Department of Player Safety doesn't back that up with some punitive action, what stops Burmistrov from doing it again? I mean who wins that trade off? Certainly not Boston.

The final hit I want to cover off in this rant, the Dustin Brown headbutt. He did everything to make this a suspendable hit by Stephane Quintal but didn't get anything for it. I can even appreciate the officials missing the play, you watch it at full pace and it is a car crash of a hit, I was surprised they didn't melt into each other as one player. But it doesn't change the fact that Brown launched up and at first contact hit Coture in the head.


I just don't see how the league or the NHLPA thinks things are going to change under the current rules. Hey if the NHLPA are serious about defending the health and safety of its members, they had better hurry up and bring their own set of rules to the Department of Player Safety because it is obvious that nothing has changed, Raffi Torres or not.

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