I was going to start this article by ridiculing the DOPS to their definition of a repeat offender. However the NHLPA need to take just as much responsibility on that front so well done for giving Torres half a season.

Hopefully the 'injury' factor will be less important moving forward as Silfverberg is ok, and surely it is pretty obvious that the result shouldn't factor into the ramification of a hit. 


I thought the suspension system would clock up more games than the 51 it tagged Torres with but having added in a couple of variables it has a larger divisible number thus the smaller than expected amount.

But it is good to see Torres out for 41 games, the NHLPA may want to take a look at who each team has as their rep to the players, it may have something to do with how they handle this part of the CBA at the next negotiations 

It is disappointing that the DOPS needed to be used in the pre season, there were a couple of other incidents that were borderline and I'm sure they held back due to the fact it is pre season. The first week is coming up and having as many skilled players on the ice as possible is only a good thing.

So there is the first use of the new system, thanks for reading.

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