Well here we go, will the NHL step up and suspend Douglas Murray for an elbow to the head of Tampa’s Mike Kostka?



The playoffs are looming, the Canadiens are in the race, and Murray is one of the few players who provides a physical presence.

Murray has not been suspended before by the NHL, so with no history it will be difficult for the league to enforce a lengthy suspension due to precedents set earlier in the year.

Using the Hockey Hurts suspension system I would give Murray 10 games. The table below shows how it was calculated:





Suspension Table






One missing function of the table is the body part used to make contact with the opponent. I will add this in for next year and also go back through previous posts and compare the results.

It’s pretty obvious the players have not changed the way they hit or have ‘respect’ for each other out there.

Players hit to hurt, not injure. The Brooks Orpik hit is a great example of that and in our next podcast Ryan and I will break that down.

It is going to be up to the league to enforce the changes they want to see, the players are not doing it themselves.


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