The Vancouver Canucks will want to forget the 2013-14 season. No playoffs, a team without a defined number one netminder and a Sedin off on a stretcher.

First thing I want to say is no matter what you think of the twins, it was heartwarming to see Henrik get over to Daniel and see what he could do to help.

There is a special bond between the two that only twins understand. It is a shame we only get to see the personal level of this relationship in situations like this.

This hit is a hard one for the system. It only garners 3 games (525 points). The hit is in the numbers; there is no question there. Sedin’s head hits the glass, and it hits the glass hard. That is where the injury comes from. Not so much the person-to-person collision but the contact Sedin’s head makes on the glass.



Here is where the eye for an eye dilemma comes into play. There is every chance that Sedin would have missed more than three games with a concussion. The Canucks fans rightly deserve justice and I would assume feel if Sedin misses x amount of games so should Byron.

This is where the system we run here helps out with the want for retribution. Byron has no recorded history of discipline from the NHL, we can see exactly where the numbers for the suspension come from.

As I have stated before this system needs some work. This is an example of there being some holes in the system, as always comments are appreciated. Any chance to find ideas to help refine the system are welcomed.