Well here is a hit that has sparked a massive conversation on twitter that has taken over the fact that St Louis is up over Chicago 2-0. Brent Seabrook can probably find himself lucky this hit occurred in the playoffs. I have a feeling that the NHL would suspend him for more than the 3 games he has been tagged with in the playoffs.

Whoever says the players ‘respect’ one another just have to look at the wonderful cup work of Dubinsky and Lucic in the last few days. If the NHL wants to get that cheap shot out of the game, a one game suspension would be the way to do it.




What do you do here if you are Brent Seabrook? You want to hit Backes, and you want to hit him hard, you want to hurt him, not injure him. Thankfully Seabrook had one skate on the ice and didn’t jump off the ice into Backes. He did push up through his legs, it is what you want to do, get as much force in the hit.

Seabrook just has to be better at not hitting the head. It's tough here really, the only way Seabrook can hit Backes square in the chest is to glide in and half squat before he makes the hit. Once his shoulder makes contact with Backes chest, then drive up through his legs to add force to the hit.

15 games seems like a lot for a first time offender, however you can see where the games come from and why the numbers are so high. With the series 2-1 for St Louis Seabrook may still miss the rest of Chicago's playoff run. It should not be an eye for an eye, no matter how much the Blues fans feel.

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