Ok so Matt Cooke is reformed? Matt Cooke doesn’t want to injure other players? Well his past has him on toast and public enemy number one, not just in Colorado but around the league.


Due to the fact Cooke is outside of the repeat offender window he could and probably will get off light. Our system comes up with 30 games, and that is not including any carryover points from his previous suspensions, as I have not covered them off through this system.

This hit is similar to the Bickell/Sobotka knee in Game two of the Blues v Blackhawks series.









Only difference is Sobotka isn’t out 4-6 weeks, the movement was the same. The result just not as nasty for Sobotka as it was for Barrie.

Through this system, Bickell gets 1 game, just falling under the 3 game suspension level at 450.

As I have said before repeat offenders should get burnt. It will be interesting to see where the NHL go with Cooke.