Just a quick hit on the Prust suspension. The two games is a joke, as we spoke about in the podcast, the NHL does not have a strong enough punitive punishment to avoid these suspensions.

The puck was nowhere near Stepan when the hit was made. The puck being beyond ten feet and the contact to the head is what sky rockets this suspension. I know fans will go crazy on it. It really looks like a hockey play, but with the puck being where it is and the contact to the head, there really isn't another way to look at it. Keep in mind we have not takend into consideration the broken jaw of Stepan, injury should not change the severity of the suspension.



If the NHL is serious about removing hits like this from the league maybe they should take a look at the 10 game suspension Carcillo received from the same game for verbal abuse of an offical. You don't see players doing that to officials often, do you think the size of the suspension has anything to do with that? Punitive measures are the only way to make changes of behaviour in the NHL, so get up to speed and make the suspensions tougher.