Back in the end of October Brandon Dubinsky and Saku Koivu were involved in a collision near the Columbus blue line. Dubinsky was ejected from the game and that was all the league thought was required for the incident.

The unfortunate situation for the Ducks was they lost Koivu for 15 games after he was diagnosed with a concussion.

The saving grace, according to the league, was Koivu’s stick made contact with his own head through the hit. If you head to the 41 second mark you will see Dubinsky’s elbow raise and make strong forceful contact with Koivu’s head.



I have included Dubinsky’s fine from the year before as a ‘previous offence’ so that is why this is listed as his 2nd offence. That simple distinction puts an extra 10 games onto Dubinsky’s suspension and takes him to 20 games.

If you are a part of the ‘eye for an eye’ crowd you will be happy with result, however if you only consider this Dubinsky’s first offence it drops his points down to just above 800 points and his suspension would only be 10 games, just short of the 15 missed by Koivu.