Back in the end of October Brandon Dubinsky and Saku Koivu were involved in a collision near the Columbus blue line. Dubinsky was ejected from the game and that was all the league thought was required for the incident.

I did a piece on this back in June, however I wanted to put more detail into my suspension table, I was finding there were more variables to add to try and narrow down the suspensions.

Below is the incident between Dubinsky and Koivu.

Below is the old table I used to calculate out the games I thought Dubinsky should have received from the incident. As I stated in the previous article I have stated this as Dubinsky's second offence, this comes from him being fined earlier. 



The simple distinction of a second offence puts an extra 10 games onto Dubinsky’s suspension and takes him to 20 games.

This was all done under the old suspension system. If you have been reading our articles here at Hockey Hurts you will know that I want a tougher stance on suspensions. It feels as though the league is too scared to lay down the law due to a backlash from general managers and owners.

Anyway, the new table I have constructed is based around the whole 82 game season being worth 12962.5 points.This is the maximum amount of points you can attain from one incident. Well an incident that was your fourth and you do everything possible to destroy another player. So whatever you get points wise is a percentage of the season, and thus your total games off the ice.



The total is another 9 games on top of the 20 previously given, however if we class this as Dubinsky's first suspendable offense that drops right down to 13 games. The idea is to punish repeat offenders, get them to change their habits or get off the ice, simple as that.

This is the suspension system I am going to take into the 2014-15 season, I have absolutely no doubt it is going to be harsher than the league impliments and it is going to get bashed due to the severity of the games, but so be it.


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