Ok so first suspension article of the 2014-15 season and we haven’t even started the season. This one is a doosie, Franson is seriously injured on the play, there is no doubt Mitchell helped Franson into an awkward position into the boards.

In fact it’s a sneaky dirty play, he knows the type of contact he puts on Franson that far out from the boards is going to put Franson in danger, Mitchell is no innocent party here.

Under our system here, how do I suspend Mitchell? It was not a hit into the numbers for a definitive hit from behind, the hands are a push on Franson’s hip so you can make a case for an extension of the arms, but I do not have that in the system. It was not a hard push so it gets listed as a nudge and I know that Mitchell has a history of this but as far as I know he hasn’t been suspended in the last 3 years so I give his history multiplier a 1st offence.

Either way you break it down, Mitchell still gets 7 games under this system, it will be interesting to see how Stephane Quintal responds to this, it’s a new regime so we may get a different interpretation from Shanahan.

Still under our system here at Hockey Hurts Mitchell gets 7 games.

Here is the 2014-15 season suspension system explained.

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