1. I am a penguins fan
  2. I am not a fan of the Steve Downie signing
  3. Steve Downie is proving me wrong
  4. The media need to stop being lazy with their ‘narratives’

Ok disclaimer out of the way, lets get onto why I am posting this. NBC Sports posts a tweet ‘Downie leaves feet to deliver hit, fight ensues.’

Talk about irresponsible reporting.

Downie’s feet are on the ice right up to impact, anyone who has played any form of contact sport knows that upon contact your feet always leave the ground.

Do not forget I am not a fan of Downie or why the Penguins signed him onto their roster.

Here is the post to see the article and also the comments from readers. At least the readers understand the physics behind hitting.

There is a penalty on the play, but it is for charging and it will have been assessed due to the distance Downie travelled to lay the hit, not for jumping into the player.

Here is the suspension table we have come up with at Hockey Hurts. I know the author was not asking for a suspension, however with Downie’s past there is no knowing what the league may do.

Downie_on_Nielsen.pngThe system shows that if you hit all the top end factors you end up missing a whole 82 games, the issue you have with this hit is, the location of the hit is textbook, right through Neilsen’s chest.

What I am most angry about with this whole piece is the ‘narrative’ that floats around about certain players and the way they play. I have witnessed this first hand with Matt Cooke.

Post the terrible Marc Savard incident, Matt Cooke was and is a changed player, to the point where it took Cooke half a season to work out how to be effective again on the ice.

Ask a lot of Penguins fans, they will say Matt Cooke was a waste of a roster spot after his return from the team mandated suspension (note the league failed again), whilst he tried to work out how to play hockey inside the rule book. He played outside of it for so many years it was always going to be an adjustment.

In the new NHL it is going to be guys like Wayne Simmons, Jamie Benn, Milan Lucic, and the lesser skilled versions of these players Steve Downie, who are the new ‘enforcers’.

The hit Downie threw was the ‘excuse’ Harmanic needed to fight Downie, anyone who saw the end of the second period would have been surprised if the two of them didn’t throw down. The actions from both players are going to be commended (and rightly so) in each locker room.

In trying to sell us that Downie left his feet before contact in that hit is irresponsible and does not help the safety of players or help sort out what is legal and illegal in this league.

Once again thanks for reading! Comments are great because we can get this system better and force the NHL to take a systematic approach to suspensions rather than one of opinion.

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