Ok, so we have another late elbow to the head. Lets see how the NHL Department of Player Safety handle this one. There was no need for any of this action, the NHL have only suspended John Scott for leaving the bench, not for any physical damage he has illegally inflicted on anyone (not that he has done anything in that regard).

So this is a blatant shot to the head with an elbow, to be honest so was Niskanen’s in the pre season that saw Skinner go down, so we have no idea how Quintal is going to handle this one. It looks worse than Niskanen’s hit so I’m expecting a suspension, just not a very big one. 


It is pretty clear-cut, you can kind of debate if it was a predatory hit or not, I went with not, and you can debate if he was trying to hurt or injure but that is about it.

I have marked this as Moore’s 1st indiscretion as I am taking it from this year, if there was one from last season I am missing let me know and I will update the table.

11 games, seems pretty right to me, its just over an eighth of the season, so a little chunk of change out of Moore’s pocket. With the Rangers injuries on the back end at the moment, missing NHL ready players is no helping their cause either.

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