Five games is the magic number, it keeps any suspension handed down by The Department of Player Safety away from an independent review of the decision. Nobody likes their work to be reviewed, heaven forbid, they may find a flaw in your decision and change it. So much for using it as a learning moment and being better at your job the next time.

This is so frustrating, Moore is considered a repeat offender, and he still ends up with a slap on the wrist. Why would players change their actions on the ice when the punishment is so minimal? The actions towards concussions/headshots in the league now, in this decade, is going to cost the NHL millions in a law suit in 20 years. Because we know what hits to the head can do to the brain, the NHL has done nothing with supplemental discipline to show they are trying to change action on the ice to stop this from happening.

I originally had Moore down as missing 11 games, this was before the Department's decision and explanation of their own decision. Having heard he is being considered a repeat offender, as I said in the article, there would need to be an adjustment to the total of games. Well the result is a 25 game suspension, over a quarter of the year gone for Moore, surely losing a quarter of your paycheck would make you think about what you are doing?

Here is my original assessment of the hit


I stand by my assessment of the puck location too, Haula's snapshot follow through is already back on the ice, Moore's hit is not 'just after the shot'. Moore has ample time to decide what to do, he make his choice, he just doesn't have to worry about a severe punishment for it.

I can however accept the decision on the body part used in the hit, the elbow does raise post contact so I have changed some of the variables from my initial assessment. It is the history multiplier that impacts Moore the most. After making the slight adjustments to the body part used and it's positioning, the history multiplier is was gives Moore 21 games.


Below is the full table with all of the variables in it, you will not that the total games suspended is at 166, in actual fact the most  you can miss in 1 suspension is 82 games, and that is if you are on your fourth or more suspension.


I know many people are going to say the 21 game suspension is overkill, and I do understand it. However, this hit that Moore threw, well it doesn't even need to happen, he was never going to stop Haula from completing the shot, he wasn't in great position to make the hit clean, so why throw it? Suspensions can be used as teachable moments, Moore really should have been looking for the rebound or finding position to box out, not cleaning the clock of Eric Haula. I don't think that 5 games and 'only' a little of $50K will change Moore's behavior, is it going to take a third act before he gets a double digit suspension?

Finally, injury should not matter for the suspension, if you have a look at the table and all the way through assessing this, I have not once been concerned with Haula getting injured. It does not matter, it is the act that Moore used that is being punished, not the result of that act.

As always thanks for reading!

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