So we have the very quick decision from the Department of Player Safety, 3 games for Burrows, a 4th time repeat offender. So it is safe to say this 3 game rest off the ice will make Burrows think twice about doing something like this again.




There is only one variable that I have changed from my original 26 game suspension, the history multiplier, Burrows is in the four plus repeat offender category, he basically would have cost himself the season and probably the Canucks a playoff chance had the NHL used this system.

Quintal gets it right in the video, Burrows chooses to continue to go ahead with the hit knowing he shouldn't, and on top of that he then makes sure he hits Emelin in the head. Lucky for Burrows the contact to the head was 'brushing' and not flush or Emelin would have been injured for a lot longer than just the play and Burrows would be missing more time. This is why injury should not count when giving out suspensions, Emelin could get concussion symptoms in two weeks and miss a month of hockey, is the Department going to go back and retro actively give Burrows more games because Emelin is out with late concussion symptoms?




Difficult situation here for Stephane Quintal, is the head of Emelin the responsibility of Burrows? We all saw the position that Emelin was in after throwing that terrible pass up the middle that effectively cost the Habs the first goal of the game. The issue Habs fans have (and rightly so) is the lateness of Burrows's hit on Emelin to the point where it should at least have been a penalty, let alone a suspension.


The difficulty here is trying to work out Burrows's responsibility in the hit. Emelin really does stick his neck out after the pass is completed, it is one of those situations where you can see his body react to a bad pass and wanting it back. He really exposes his head, if you want to take it off, you can, and as far as I am concerned, Burrows' did.

The puck is so far gone, that Burrows' in all honesty doesn't even need to make contact with Emelin, he just does it because he can, and because he wants to put a lick on Emelin.

If you keep running with that 'point of view' Burrows either has to make a clean hit and skate away just worrying about a penalty for a late hit or he screws the hit up and he is tagged with a possible suspension. Well I think the officials missed the call on the ice and there should have been a penalty on the ice, but you cannot change those calls.

It is up to the Stephane Quintal to attempt to make some change in Burrows by suspending him for an amount of games that will at least make Burrows think about his actions on the ice when ends up in the same situation.


So we give Burrows 26 games, and that isn't even throwing the book at him. He didn't get Emelin flush in the head it was brushing contact, I've classed this as Burrows 2nd offense, if you want to say he has more, then the suspension gets larger......

The biggest thing for Burrows is the hit is late and it gets Emelin in the head, and the puck is long gone, he really should get some sort of suspension, through the league it will probably be 1 game, which is far from enough but at least you can see why I have 26 game here. Burrows is no virgin when it comes to suspendable hits.

I have put together this article to try and give you all some baseline for where the games and points come from.

Thanks for reading, and comments on suspensions are awesome, the only way we are going to get this right it to canvas many views.....

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