You can tell the season is in full swing now. Suspendable incidents are starting to climb, as the frustration of errors and losing start to take it's hold on player decision making, things get a little nasty out on the ice and well, rules are broken.

How far they get broken, comes down to Stephane Quintal and his merry band of headhunters (that's unfair I know), and their view in 'how the game should be played'. I would really like to know the 'agenda' that Quintal is wanting to run from the Department of Player Safety, what are they actually trying to achieve with their suspensions? I would think it should be a change in behavior on the ice, thus far, nothing that has been handed out will change the action of either player suspended.

Moving on from there, we have our first 'hit in the numbers' incident in front of the Department, it will be interesting to see where this ends up for Jordan Nolan.


This is the classic checking from behind that the league apparently wants out, if Nolan only gets 1 game because Helm wasn't injured on the play shows the Department doesn't actually know what it is there for.


To be suspended for a full 82 games you need to rack up a total of 12,962.5 points, it would require you to be on your fourth (or more) suspension. So the 2,800 points Nolan racks up here gives him 18 games. This is because it is his second suspendable offense, and I look at that hit from behind and honestly think it is not worth 18 games, well under the current system I think that is because Helm wasn't injured, if he was, I wouldn't be looking at this 18 and thinking it's overkill.

18 games would be enough to make a player think twice about his actions on the ice right? Isn't that the idea of the suspensions, changing behavior?

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