This is an interesting situation for our suspension system here at Hockey Hurts, there are many people out there in the twitter world who think Dustin Byfuglien should be suspended. There are also many people who think he should have got tossed from the game and receive a fine. I'm not really sure what to think to be honest.


That is a pretty dirty play right there, no need for it and the game was close to being out of hand anyway, the officials kind of lost control of the game. I am all for a hard physical game with big hits, but crap like this is not acceptable. Seeing as the NHL both the on ice and off ice officials take injury into consideration I am not expecting Byfuglien to miss any games to be honest, he might see a fine.

Until the NHL start punishing the act rather than the result, cheap crap like this will continue to happen, lets wait and see the outrage if it is a Steven Stamkos or a Jacob Voracek who gets hit after they score, are there two sets of rules? History would indicate there are.

Putting this incident through the system Byfuglien misses 9 games.


This is a tough one, if you have a look at the system there are a lot of blank cells, well what Byfuglien did, his actions are not in the system. So I can only 'mark' what is in there. However he does get marked 'high' when marked. I marked him predatory for the hit, it was late, dirty, and only intent was to cause serious damage, he extended his arms to complete the hit and the puck was gone, well it was in the net, Downie shouldn't have expected to be hit.

To be honest I think if Byfuglien gets tossed out of the game after the hit and he received a fine, I think I would be ok with that, however if I am going to be consistent with the other suspensions we have dished out here at Hockey Hurts, it's a 9 game seat for Byfgulien. Hopefully missing an 1/8 of the season will be enough for him to think twice about doing something so pointless again.