Good game Friday night between the Penguins and the Maple Leafs. A good example of where both franchises are with their depth. The Penguins are 1 more top 6 forward away from being a serious Cup contender,  the Leafs, need a little more depth down back and some more punch up front to help the dynamic Kessel. 

There was a brilliant hit late in the 3rd period by Dion Phaneuf on Patrick Hornqvist,  clean and nasty, everything you want a player like Phaneuf to do. What you do not want to see is the reaction to the hit by Malkin, giving up a 2 minute penalty and inflicting a 5 minute major on himself with just over 2 minutes to go in a 2-1 game, not smart.

A lot of Penguins fans have been happy with Malkin's response to a clean physical hit, a hit Hornqvist was up from quick smart. Pittsburgh has had the label of soft written on them over the last couple of playoff flame outs, so I can appreciate Malkin wanting to 'stick up' or 'respond' to the hit, however the hit was clean, and no offense to Phaneuf, losing Malkin is a greater lose to the Penguins.

Those Penguins fans wanting a suspension on that hit, get over yourself, that is as clean a hit as you can ask for in today's NHL, you can maybe argue for an interference penalty due to the hit being 'late' but I don't see that at full speed.

If you are a Leafs fan, be happy that your captain had the balls to step up at the blue line late in the game be physical and get the Leafs a power play and a chance to tie the game late.