This is a prime example for me of a hit that had no other intention rather than to injury the player. Boychuck was not happy with the treatment he had delivered to him moments earlier in his shift. Thats fine, you just dont go out to try and take out a players knee.




These are the kind of hits that need to be taken care of, just because Malkin came away with no injury does not mean the action is not suspendable. This league has been reactionary for far too long, yes 10 games seems like a lot, but the intent here is to do nothing other than injure.

Below is the full table and the points for each part of the suspension. To get a full 82 games you need to be on your 4th or more suspension. The games suspended total here is calculated with all the variables added into it. 82 games would be calculated from a head shot with an extended elbow more than 10 feet from the puck with a predatory intent and extreme force. The offending player would be on their 4th offence.


As always comments are appreciated, any feedback on this helps make it better and hopefully the Department of Player safety will actually put player safety first, rather than the reputaion of the league.