UPDATED: Bortuzzo is to have a face to face hearing with the Department of Player Safety. This is nice to hear, I have also added in a long copy of the hit, with a few different angles.

Robert Bortuzzo is under the impression the only way he is going to keep his roster spot on the Pittsburgh Penguins is to play like Brooks Orpik did. Bortuzzo is not as good at it as Orpik was at the same age. The issue Bortuzzo had during the most recent game against the Devils is he was chasing Jaromir Jagr around all game wanting to tag him.

The problem for Bortuzzo is Jagr is almost impossible to tag legally, so Bortuzzo went the illegal path. The hit was late and high, I can't work out how it wasn't either a charging or interference penalty, but hey, it's the NHL, who knows what you are going to get each game.

With Jagr actually leaving the game after the hit and not returning the Department of Player Safety might actually take a look at the hit. I hope they actually suspend Bortuzzo rather than just fine him, as I said in the previous suspension article, it is the lack of consequence the players react to.


The argument of where is he supposed to hit him? Every player has a choice, legal or illegal. If Bortuzzo doesn't extend his legs to 'punish' Jagr he hits Jagr flush in the chest and still flattens Jagr into the boards. Buy trying to prove he is the physical presence of the team Bortuzzo rises in the hit and gets Jagr on the chin.

It is Bortuzzo's decision.

Right now there is no reason for Bortuzzo to even think his hitting technique on this play is a problem. With the logjam of NHL ready defenders on the Penguins roster, having an enforced break may be very costly for Bortuzzo. However the 8 game suspension would cost Bortuzzo $58,536.59 of his $600,000 cap hit for the season.

I have a feeling that would make him refine his hitting technique a little.

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