• We Found Some Topics!!! +

    We're back! We make up a topic to discuss; best and worst moves of the Atlantic division and we have Read More
  • Auston Matthews playing in Europe, Jakub Silverberg and Brandon Sutter extensions, Matt Cullen +

    Thoughts on Auston Matthews playing in Europe, Jakub Silverberg and Brandon Sutter extensions plus Matt Cullen signing by Pittsburgh Enjoy Read More
  • Sutter is a Canuck, WOW, plus other great signings +

    Well Voracek, Stepan and Johansson get signed to great contracts, oh yeah and Brandon Sutter got traded in case you Read More
  • Better the devil you know? +

    Semin gets signed, Holtby gets paid and there is a Devil in Toronto. An interesting week in the dog days Read More
  • It's a quiet time of year +

    Kessler, Tarasenko, Sharp and other tidbits in this quite time of the year, plus your questions answers. Enjoy ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/hockey-hurts/id853737812?mt=2 RSS Read More
  • Well Kessell, Saad, and the UFA and trade action! +

    Well we take a look at the Kessel trade, the Saad trade and other movement through the NHL in this Read More
  • We have Yost, and it was great +

    We were lucky enough to spend time with Travis Yost. It's entertaining we cover off a lot of topics, even Read More
  • Sidney Crosby A Victim Of Past Success +

    Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens cleaned up at the 2015 NHL Awards and deservingly so.  Price took home the Read More
  • Cup Wrap up and listener questions +

    We chat about the fun stuff.... The winning Blackhawks, big name trade rumours, and your questions!!! Enjoy ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/hockey-hurts/id853737812?mt=2 If you Read More
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