• You Reap What you Sow +

    Well well well, looks like the hockey stick has changed, it is not only used to play with a puck Read More
  • It's The Crosby Hour +

    Well lets put it this way, if Sid isn't having to quash silly rumours, he is having to watch the Read More
  • Available D men, PDO train, and the Penguins.... +

    We discuss the d trade rumour mill, the PDO train the Rangers are riding, of course the Penguins and a Read More
  • When Push Comes to Shove +

    Well the NHL had a long hard look at an injurious hit and decided it wasn't egregious enough to suspend Read More
  • Bigger Nets? Get Lost. +

    F it, larger goals is not going to fix the NHL entertainment problems, call the game from the rule book Read More
  • I hope its a great quote +

    Yikes. That was the worst game of hockey I have watched this year. It was 'physical', it was slow, it Read More
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly +

    The season is pushing into the 20 percent completion stage for teams, we discuss where teams are going right, and Read More
  • A stone left unturned +

    Sorry for the word play in the title, but coming up with some of those are just hard at times. Read More
  • Penguins Podcast, happy halloween +

    Happy Halloween crew, it's a Penguins Podcast, hope you had a great halloween, and got all the candy you wanted..... Read More
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